Piccolo Ukulele


Also called a sopranino, this tiny ukulele is about as small as they get.  With a scale length of 280 mm (imagine a mandolin starting at the 3rd fret) the piccolo is tuned dgbe, an octave above the baritone uke, or cfad, a tone below that.  It is much lighter built than the factory instruments you may have seen and has a more full-bodied sound, in spite of the high pitch.  All this is achieved by carefully selected and graduated tonewoods, plus a single Portugese style back brace as seen in the first Hawaiian soprano ukuleles.  Unlike the rigid original back braces,  my laminated cross grain contact brace is slightly flexible and gives the sound a real  “pulse” as well as preventing the back cracking with humidity changes.




This through-the-soundhole shot shows the laminated transverse back brace on the piccolo ukulele back.