Ukulele Family

I have been making ukuleles since 1979.  I have always had a deep interest in historic Hawaiian ukuleles and their precursors from Portugal and Spain.   I believe that the traditional lightly built handmade ukuleles of the early 20th century have important characteristics which are not found in modern instruments. I am working to regain some of the old magic.

As I also make guitars of all kinds, violins and mandolins as well as some of the ukulele’s closer relatives such as cuatros, tiples etc. From all these areas of lutherie I bring a great deal of experience which has helped me to refine and optimise this, the most charming of stringed instruments.  However my ukuleles, from the tiny piccolo up to the baritone and bass ukuleles, are made in the spirit of the first Hawaiian instruments.  They are fundamentally ukuleles – lightweight responsive acoustic instruments first and foremost.  They are quite different to the heavy, glossy, guitar-like instruments which prevail nowadays. For more information on my various models, options and design features please follow the links in the menu bar above.

I work alone, building largely by hand in Margaret River, Western Australia, a place where forest meets a beautiful surf coast, much like Hawaii, the U.S. mainland west coast and the ukulele’s ancestral Atlantic island of Madeira.  It is a long way from almost anywhere, so I  get out to meet the ukulele community around the world when I can.

There’s no “shopping cart” here.  This site is for your information.  Contact me with any questions.

 I hope you find this site and my ukuleles interesting.

 Here are the different ukulele sizes I build, approximately to scale.   There are several variations within each model and some historical information as well.  The menu will guide you to the various models.  At the bottom of this and the model pages there is a menu bar guiding you to the options and design pages.