Model 6 Details

The largest flat top body I can fit into a standard Jumbo case.  (cases are important)  Adapted from my Stage 200 guitar with wider, shallower waist, deeper body and smaller soundhole gives me a super bass resonance.  I use it for baritone guitars, tuned down as low as A1 (55hz).  Also for bajo sexto, 12 strings tuned from E1 (around 40hz), up in fouths to F, with Octave strings.  A huge sound.

Scale Length 680mm  26.75″
Body length 532mm 21″
Maximum Width 450mm 17.625″
Depth neck 107mm 4.2″
Depth tail 125mm 4.9″
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Australian Black Acacia Wandoo


Model 6

Baritone 12 string.  Sitka Spruce and Rosewood.  Cutaway option.

Bajo Sexto

Bajo Sexto, Sitka spruce and Australian Black Acacia.

Baritone 12 string

Baritone 12 string, Sitka Spruce with Wandoo back and sides.

Baritone 12 string

baritone 12 string in Sitka Spruce and Wandoo.  This guitar has been used in recordings by songwriters Lior and Kav Temperley.