Lacquer  For overall durability and acoustic performance I find it very hard to improve on the thin, flexible satin lacquer I use an my ukuleles.  A gloss finish is available but requires more coats to avoid polishing through to the wood.  This extra build can dampen the sound, inhibiting modes of vibration which bring out the high treble harmonics which is why I don’t use gloss finishes unless requested.   I charge extra for it too.  It looks nice.
French Polish. I love French polish.  I like applying it and love the way it looks and sounds on an instrument.  I use Kusmi golden seedlac or U Beaut hard white shellac.   This finish is easily scratched, however and is not as durable as lacquer.   It adds considerably to the price of a ukulele.
Custom inlay is available as an extra feature.  I also have a standard palm tree motif for the headstock available in white or gold mother of pearl.

Satin Lacquer

Kusmi Golden Seedlac