Guitar Models

Over  a few centuries the guitar has evolved according to available woods, strings, players’ needs and lutherie tools/technology.  Today’s most popular guitar shapes and sizes have resulted from years of tradition, some innovation and sometimes a whole lot of marketing.

I build many sizes and shapes according to the needs of my clients.   Acoustic volume and tone, ergonomics, amplification, wood appearance, inlay and decoration are all taken into account.   After 45 years of working in my community I am able to really focus on what is required for each player.  For each of the models here I will eventually have video or audio clips for you.  When I catch up with all the commissions I like to have an example of each model for people to try.

Handmade guitars can have many voices.  If you are taking the big step into quality, responsive, handmade guitars it’s really worthwhile determining what is going to work best for you.